About Me

Hi!  My name is Kelly Ely and I live in Howell NJ.
I am owned by two kids, my daughter Rayce and my son RJ. Rayce enjoys many things and has yet to find her thing. She has tried gymnastics, acting, dog training, playing piano and now is on the JV Track team throwing Javalin. RJ has a passion for all things with wheels! He has been racing BMX bikes since he was 4 and Central Jersey BMX in Howell, NJ is his home track.

As well as, the dogs :-)
Gidget was my husband's and I first dog together and she started all this agility nonsense. She is now at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for us. She was given away free to a good home. I found out later she is a Reigal pap. Reigal's Q Belong to me NA NAJ TDI She lived to be 18.

Rocket came to us from Brookfield Papillons, Sherry Duhigg, in Brookfield Conn. By then I was addicted to agility but Gidget was not fond of the game (I was new to dog training) so after many tears and frustration my husband Rich caved in and let me adopt Rocket. Rocket has his own complex story and came close to being put down for being aggressive with kids. Luckily Sherry had another breeder visiting that took one look at him and said: "he needs a performance home!" The pap hotline was initiated and I was sent an email with his picture. I drove three hours to meet him. During his career, he was the 8" Agility All-Star Champion 2002, Multiple first places at the Papillion National Specialty Orlando Fla 2003, qualified for AKC Nationals 3 years in a row and MACH Brookfields Goodnews Rocketman. Sadly he left us at the age of 17 but his lessons live on.

Surf is the head of the house now. MACH 2 Chenevert's Epic Riptide MXG MJG and UKI titles.  We finished 61st out of 318 in the 12" class at our first AKC Nationals. He is a cautious thinker which has its advantages and disadvantages. I have learned to work hard to find and keep the joy in our training. He just turned 9 and will semi-retire to play at his passion Barn Hunt.

Tiki is now the baby in the family. CH Holther's Imagine a Moondance. He is just starting his agility career.  I have high aspirations for this boy. Tiki achieved his breed CH with the fabulous Marissa Schmidt of Dizzy Dogs & Scene Stealers handling him for me.

I am married to a wonderful man that never had any plans to include animals in his life ;-) He now tolerates three dogs.
Rich and I have been married for 21. We spent most of our early life together at stock car race tracks in NJ, Penn, and NY. He no longer races and sometimes is sad about that but the kids and BMX racing help keep him busy. He also owns his own construction company. Ely Contracting LLC and I gifted him an Indian motorcycle for our anniversary to help keep him happy :-)

For me, you can see that my passion is for agility. I came to it later in life but try hard to balance it all. By trade, I am a Speech Language Pathologist and work in public school. I specialize in Autism but I am more passionate about pediatric feeding and augmentative communication. I really enjoy what I do for a living but it is not the same as dog agility. I also really enjoy photography, sun sand and sea, reading, camping with my family, hiking, and kayaking. My other joy has been teaching agility to kids (Jr handlers). They are like little border collies that enjoy what they are doing, soak up all that you tell them, and can't wait to do more! I use only positive dog training methods and in 2017 became a UKI judge.  I also like to throw in some cooking and baking when time permits (lol).
Thanks for stopping by.