December 5, 2018

Time to re-invent

It is time to re-invent this space.  or I may just move it all together. Not fully sure yet. 
In the meantime, let's catch up 😀 

I became a full UKI judge in 2017 and continue to improve and grow as a judge. In Feb of 2018, I attended level one of the Global Judging Program with Greg Derrett and Lee Gibson. I will be continuing on my international judging journey by attending level 2 in March 2019 with aspirations to one day judge the UKI US Open or to be invited to judge internationally. 

I have just started my agility journey with my BC Tiki. He turned 2 in August and we attended our first UKI US Open in November of 2018. We had only one clean round but lots of really great parts and pieces. 

Surf is now semi-retired and enjoying playing at Barn hunt. He still will compete at some events but nothing big and all the ones we can find outside :-) those are his favorite. I have to remember to stick to one-day entries for him. It keeps him happiest. He physically can still do agility but it's not his favorite so I will adjust as he has always given me all that he can. 
In August of 2015, I realized another dream. We moved a few towns over to a house with 7 acres. The house and land need lots of work before it will become all that we have dreamed of but nothing time and hard work won't accomplish. I am one step closer to the dream of running my own dog training facility. 

Well, that's the short version for now. I will either start adding courses that I have designed or I will move to a completely new website. I will keep you posted :-)

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