September 4, 2013

Aging……A great read

Today is Dog Agility Blog Day and the topic of choice is Aging. So click on over after reading to check out all the other great bloggers that have contributed today!

Age, a topic that is talked about but avoided, inevitable but unexpected, and never as easy as the passage of the actual time.

In our house we currently have two retirees 14 & 15 years of age. Fondly referred to as the elderly, Gidget started the agility addiction and Rocket came to us to save her from my agility addiction and help me learn so much about this game I love to play.


With all the ups and downs that come with caring for the elderly I have continually worried if I was doing all that I could for them in their health, activity, and happiness. Luckily, (I think) I tripped over this book one day in the library. The dog on the cover caught my eye but the content, the content confirmed some things I knew, and opened my eyes to so much more!

Pukka’s Promise The quest for Longer-lived Dogs by Ted Kerasote is a journey through the many factors that have the ability to impact on our dogs life span. Finally, someone not only asked the age old question of “Why are dogs life spans so short?” but took the time to pull all the research into one easy read.

I think Patricia McConnell describes the book much better than I ever could on her blog (just click her name to go direct).

He gathers so much current and past research in the areas of evolution of the dog, genetics and the manipulation of, immunizations, environmental factors, carnivore vs. monovore, impact of his food choices, the impact of big business on dog food, rescue vs. purchase, euthanasia, shelter to sanctuary, and the spay/neuter effects.

In a story telling format, with sound research provided, he calmly and intelligently provides both sides of the coin on the above topics. He lets you know what he chose to do but never makes his reader to feel pressured to make the same choices.

What does this have to do with aging in agility. I don’t know about you but I am committed to doing all I can to keep my canine partner around as long as I possibly can and fit enough to play as long as they want to. This book did what I did not have the time or resources to do by pooling all of the available information into one convenient space for me to make the most educated decisions I can for my dogs.

There have been some changes in what we do around here and we are looking forward to keeping the dogs in our house Forever Young! I would tell you what they are but I really believe that you should read the book and make your own choices Smile 


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