January 15, 2013

Ode to the one who started it all.....

“Dogs are our link to paradise. 
They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. 
To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace.” 
― Milan Kundera

(hmmm can't seem to upload from the computer any pictures) so here is an oldie. Gidget is on the left in her hay day :-) 

Happy Birthday to our Gidget aka Her Royal Highness. She is 15 today. She was born Reigal Q Belong to Me call name Celine on this day in 1998. She originally lived on a farm with a menagerie of other animals. She was not let out much and became a "runner." She was soon offered 'free to a good home' and thankfully my sister was working there at the time and brought the two of us together. She knew nothing. Not sit, certainly not stay, and she would run in the opposite direction if you called her name. She was our first dog as a married couple and she was 2.5. I from a horse farm and animal dependent, he from a town, taught to fear dogs and with zero animal experiences. She was the perfect first dog. I didn't tell him she was coming :-) He had a fit until she jumped up on his lap and just looked at him with her big eyes. He renamed her, well she really picked it but he came up with it. It was a week trial, I'll take her back on Friday. She never left and she is still his dog. She will only answer to him, just stands and stares at me like I speak some foreign tongue she never really got a handle on. 

My addiction to agility and papillons was all started with her. I had never had a pure bred dog before and I never had to teach one anything. Ours on the farm were always rescues and seemed to come already wired with all of the necessary skills needed to hang with kids and horses. It suddenly hit me, I have no idea how to teach a dog to sit, stay, or come. So the journey began. I began looking for more information about the breed and found agility on the AKC website, which led me to a local club JAG, which led me to watch my first trial, which then led me to other papillon owners. It is a much bigger circle now but our roots are still there at JAG. Many now don't know who she is but there are a few left that still remember our starting journey and the miracle that is her novice titles. 

Gidget is a princess first and foremost. She did not acquiesce to perform all obstacles but enjoyes the table most of all. She sat upon her royal throne waving to the crowd or sniffing the air. She does not climb the A frame or turn when asked but she did enjoy the chute and hiding in tunnels when it was hot. She does not go out in the rain. She liked jumps until one deigned to fall down near her, it took 4 months to agree to go near one again. Oh and we will only perform 8 weave poles, 12 is way to tiring. For four years and many styles and trainers I have only managed 8-10 weave poles. I had someone once tell me. I can get her to weave in three days. "HA," she said to that. "Oh and I used to like the clicker until I figured out you were using it to get me to do things. I then turned my tail walked away and never looked back at the clicker. Now it scares me terribly and you may not use it in the house!"

She likes people most of all so I managed to get her CGC (canine good citizen) and TDI (therapy dog international). Using the people as rewards I managed

January 3, 2013

Another Fresh New Year Is Here! & Happy Anniversary!!

Another fresh new year is here . . .
Another year to live!
To banish worry, doubt, and fear,
To love and laugh and give!

This bright new year is given me
To live each day with zest . . .
To daily grow and try to be
My highest and my best!

I have the opportunity
Once more to right some wrongs,
To pray for peace, to plant a tree,
And sing more joyful songs!
- William Arthur Ward

And Play at AGILITY!!

Welcome all to 2013 may your year be filled with fun, family, love, and many Q's! 

I apologize for things being so very quiet around here this Fall. The earth continues to spin and the light of a new day dawns whether you are ready for it or not. 

Where to start....  Happy Anniversary to the BLOG ;-)   A year ago I jumped in with the masses and started sending my thoughts and photographic journey out into the electronic abyss.  At the time, I would have been surprised if 100 people had tripped over this site. Really, what do I have to say or add to the collective thought that others would bother to read. And really it was not my intention to have this blog read by others. Just a way to journal, think out loud, problem solve, and just maybe connect with some others that would lend their thoughts and ideas. As of this writing this site has had 3247 page views! To me, that is so very amazing! Along with visitors from all over the world! Simply jaw dropping to this small person in my little space of life. Thank you to all that have stopped to share in my life and experiences. Your visit is so very appreciated and enjoyed by me. Now if I could just get you all to talk with me by commenting lol. I would really like to hear/read what your thoughts are! 

Anyway.... This time last year I refused to make any resolutions. I just listed my hopes and plans for the coming year. In review I am proud to say I have managed to accomplish a few of my plans.

Weight: I managed to get very close to my goal weight this year. I spent the spring and fall very happy with my body and myself. I once again felt like I looked good (healthy, fit, with day light between my legs, and a lot less jiggling when I run). I managed to run all summer at least 4 days a week and made Surf go with me for endurance training for him. I listened to my body and ate what I was supposed to. I won a kayak race and my first triathlon, partnered with my husband. HOLY SMOKES we won our division in our very first triathlon!!!!!! (40-49 year old team kayak and there was more than 6 teams in the division!!) Amazing, simply amazing!!!
 getting ready to run 5k with support team!
end of 2 mile paddle
best partner ever! he biked 5 miles for me

Agility: Finding joy and speed with Surf. Wow Wow Wow.