September 13, 2012

A weekend of Firsts.......

Wow, it was an amazing weekend in more that one way!

My daughter (who just turned 9) ran in her first official trial this weekend. I was so excited for her!!! She has been working with a friends mostly retired border collie for awhile in the Jr. Handler class I teach. She has come such a long way in her ability to think on her feet and really "handle" Blast around a course. Blast is not an easy BC to run, at 11 1/2 he still lives only for the game. His only reinforcement is the next obstacle and in his world it is very fun to eat the teeter vs. stopping at the end of it. Blast has no self preservation and is still very very fast!
They entered our local club's CPE trial. I did not enter as I had a seminar planned, so it was all about her! I also had another one of my Jr handler students running for the very first time. SO SO SO cool to be there for them both in a supporting role only! Rayce didn't Q in any classes the first day but she was very close and did brilliantly. She did get a 1st and 2nd placement though, since CPE gives placements regardless of Q's. (Can't say I was a fan of that before ;-) but it meant the world to her to be able to leave that day with something in hand.)
Now came the hard part.....
I had a seminar on Sunday so her Dad had to take her. WHAT, WAIT BUT But I am the doggie person in our family. I am the MOM. Oh no, I can't be there to help her! So so hard for me to let her go off on her own, even though I knew she would have a great support system there. (I made sure all of the ladies knew she was on her own and they all got lengthy instructions ;-) I worried terribly about her being able to get along with her dad. Which, was totally silly of me. He can be a little over the top competitive and runs on the negative side with his comments but I should have known he would be on his best behavior. Rayce had a great time with him and even made a point of telling me about how much he cheered for her when I got the report by phone at the end of the day. When I asked her "how was Daddy?" her reponse, "he was awesome!" He even figured out how to work the Ipad so all was on video! So so proud of my family! Day two she finally got that Q! She Q'd with a 1st in Jackpot!. Oh, I forgot to mention that Blast runs in level 3 in CPE. So she didn't even get to come out in starters/level 1! She got another 1st in Jumpers but had a wrong course and a second in standard with I believe another wrong course?
Can I just say again how proud of her I am? Many many thanks to our friend Sue Bankauf for letting Rayce learn on such an agility crazy dog. She will be so much better of a handler and dog trainer because of it!
Just a few highlights below......

Sunday standard run

On another note. The other first was for me. Saturday was the first time I was at a show as an instructor supporting a student! So very cool to watch Brittany and Rascal run their first courses! To watch her realize why we do those really hard sequences in class ;-) She looked at the level 1 standard course and blurted out, "but this looks to easy!" "Exactly!" was my response. She did great! 2 Q's on the first day with placements and I heard Q's with 1st place on day two with her first title!  We all learned how to play the games together (I run AKC primarily and don't do many games) so I even learned alot this weekend.

My mother and father played grandparents and took my son to his BMX race on sunday. He had a great time hanging with his Dado and having Nana cheer him on. He finished 2nd by only a visor. First time my  husband wasn't there with him for a race.

I am such a lucky girl with such a wonderful family. They all pulled together and headed off in different directions all so I could hang out with Tori Self on Sunday and learn lots of really cool agility stuff in her Masters/International seminar. More on that later.

Right now I am off to give more hugs because every now and then it sinks in just how blessed we are......

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