September 20, 2012

Wings, A Voice, and a Birthday!

      I read another very insightful post by the wise and sage Milagro Girl (actually there were two but I will get to that).
I have spoken on this topic before (see Epic failures on many fronts post last February). I feel that I have a hard time connecting with others. I do not have close friends. I very definitely do not have close girl friends. Why? I have never been really sure of that answer but it has haunted me for quite some time.
Earlier this year I saw a quote about not making less of yourself and I had it on my quote of the day for awhile. Then I read the post and it was like reading something I could have written (except she said it so much better). I make less of myself in order to make others feel better about themselves. I redirect to you and make sure you are center stage. I play dumb by asking questions that I may know the answer to. If I really value your input then I take it to a whole new level. I work to become your helper. I defer and scrape and gravel to just be included so I can learn from you. In doing this I leave nothing of myself with you. Most descriptions I have heard are, I am sweet, nice, kind. Those are not bad words by a long shot and a good place to start but I am more than that. By being the wall flower, shrinking, hiding, I do the other person no good and I come away feeling less of myself and disconnected.

I can be loud.

September 13, 2012

A weekend of Firsts.......

Wow, it was an amazing weekend in more that one way!

My daughter (who just turned 9) ran in her first official trial this weekend. I was so excited for her!!! She has been working with a friends mostly retired border collie for awhile in the Jr. Handler class I teach. She has come such a long way in her ability to think on her feet and really "handle" Blast around a course. Blast is not an easy BC to run, at 11 1/2 he still lives only for the game. His only reinforcement is the next obstacle and in his world it is very fun to eat the teeter vs. stopping at the end of it. Blast has no self preservation and is still very very fast!
They entered our local club's CPE trial. I did not enter as I had a seminar planned, so it was all about her! I also had another one of my Jr handler students running for the very first time. SO SO SO cool to be there for them both in a supporting role only! Rayce didn't Q in any classes the first day but she was very close and did brilliantly. She did get a 1st and 2nd placement though, since CPE gives placements regardless of Q's. (Can't say I was a fan of that before ;-) but it meant the world to her to be able to leave that day with something in hand.)
Now came the hard part.....

September 4, 2012

Agility Blog day……….What makes a good instructor?

Every person communicates differently. You can’t help or make a difference if you don’t listen.

Be Willing to think outside the box
Every team is unique and should be treated as such.

Be a clear communicator
Let your directions be clear and your reinforcement be even clearer!

A good instructor can’t just have a fast dog or dogs. They must have a solid understanding  AND be able to communicate the how and why in a manner that makes sense to the student.


They should make it fun!!