July 8, 2012

Vacation and V I C T O R Y Victory Victory!

Wow what a month. The last few weeks have flown by so quickly I haven’t had time to catch up.
Summer vacation is finally here for me and the kids, Whoo hoo school is out! We hit the beach during the heat wave. So great to be back on the sand watching the dolphins pass by. RJ is attempting to learn how to skim board this year and Rayce wants to learn to body surf.
Surf and I are finally coming together as a team, I think. I am judging that based on the fact that we are starting to Q finally.
The first weekend in June we trialed under Dan Dege and got a little local taste of some international style courses. Not a lot of Q’s coming out of that ring but a lot of ohhhs and ahhhs. The first day I was happy we got all the hard stuff on his Standard course but NQ’d on the first obstacle, the chute. I was so mad at him that I pushed the rest of the course very aggressively. It was great except he did pop the weave poles when I pulled away from him (on purpose) mental note to work them in training again. Then a honest handling error in JWW but overall not unhappy with the day until I had my trainer and mentor say something hurtful in a moment of anger with her own run. At first I was really hurt but the more I thought about it, again the more mad I got. I came back on day 2 ready to prove her wrong. Double Q and my Ex A title in STD. I was stoked that we were able to Q on Dan’s JWW course and prove to myself that we can do this. Still not setting any world team times but we are starting to get it together and his focus continues to improve (FINALLY!). I can only seem to find day two tape but here it is.

I survived the last week of work with the usual flurry of last minute deadlines and meetings. Then ran off to three days of agility hosted by the club I belong to. We had such beautiful weather and a fabulous site. It was such a great weekend with friends and a great judge that had us all dancing along to the music during walk throughs. We went 5 out of 6 with our Ex A JWW title on Friday then our first Ex B Dbl Q on Sunday, only 19 more to go! We even made some good points at an average of 10 seconds under course time, unfortunately it is not enough to keep us in the ribbons in the Ex B 12” class.

Had a beautiful paddle this past Sunday with the family. The conditions were so perfect that we gave both kids time in the single kayak to get some practice. Rayce is definitely ready for her own soon. She was able to navigate around all the dead trees in the reservoir with out any trouble. RJ did really well also but we kept him in open water.

BUT the true victory for me was after having broke ground on the addition to our house 8 years ago I FINALLY got to paint the risers on our stairs. For two years I have had to listen to my husband give me excuse after ‘reason’ why I couldn’t do it. I just didn’t want to hear it any more and informed him I was painting and nothing was going to sway me. VICTORY the stairs are painted and they not only look good but they look no longer under construction (still need railings). He even broke down and complimented my painting skills. I better be careful or I will have to do a lot more painting around here than I really want to do Smile
So far this has been a month of me standing up for myself and gaining confidence for it! Loving the path we are on right now and hoping it continues! Now off to the airport to pick up my cousin and her son for a visit from Fla. Happy 4th of July!

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