July 30, 2012

Summer Dreaming… of A frames?

I don’t have an A fame in the back yard, I wish I did, I also wish I had enough room in the yard for an A frame. I just know Surf’s A frame would be awesome if we had one to work on.
So I keep having these dreams of borrowing, building, trading, for an A frame. There are weird negotiations, strange cars, walking home trying to carry one all by myself.
Then come the dreams of training it. 
Before Surf even came I had a foundation training program in place. As soon as I met him I knew we were going to need to have a 2 on 2 off contact behavior. His legs are so very long it would be necessary to keep him from completely missing the contact zone.
Problem: At this point if I give him his “bottom” command for the 2o2o position and he is smart enough to know he has to stop at the bottom and creeps down and into position. Since we are not setting any land speed records this is beginning to cost us dearly.
More problem: I have let up on demanding the “bottom” since it slows us. So I gently mention it but now we are starting to miss the contact. So far it has been on a course we have already NQ’d on so it may be because I am pushing for speed at that point that he is leaping.
I attempted to use an early release but that also leads to him leaping over the contact. Apparently my timing stinks and he still starts over the top slowly.
So now I dream of retraining it with a running contact. But do I……
I have found that if I don’t say anything he does an amazing running contact. I worry though, that since it is not a formal behavior that I have trained that it will deteriorate over time. But doesn’t any behavior? Our last training session not using a command.

In other news we are off from trialing until September. Lots of camping with the family. Which included lots of swinging and jumping into the water.
That was supposed to be a front flip. The body was willing but the brain said otherwise!
I am in week 5 of the couch to 5k training. I haven’t run in three years and have herniated a disk during that time but I have been feeling good for a while and I think it is time to get back at it. I talked my husband into doing a triathlon with me in October. It is a run 3 miles kayak 2 miles and bike 5 miles. I don’t bike and my husband wouldn’t run to the mail box so we are doing it as a team.
As a practice we competed in the Manasquan canoe and kayak race a few weekends ago. You know what!?!?!? We won!! It was only a mile and there were 7 other boats in our division of adult tandems. I really didn’t think we would win but leave it to our ability to work together and we are both uber competitive Smile I learned we are not ready for two miles and I need more upper body work lol!
first kayak winmanasquan kayak race
It has been a busy summer so far but it is starting slip away. I really don’t want it to end….

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