May 15, 2012

Running wide open......

Unfortunately, not in agility. Not this month any way. Way to many other things scheduled for this month and the one trial I was going to try and slip in I got closed out of.

So for the first weekend of the month, my daughter and I attended a Girl Scout weekend at Rocking Horse Ranch in NY. Wow, what an amazing place! We had such a fabulous time. The weather was perfect, the kids and moms (there was 500 moms and GS on sat) were great, the staff is just awesome, and the activities did not stop! I think it took me three days to be able to walk again and two to catch up on sleep!
Now, I grew up on a horse farm. I have ridden since I was about 8 years old. Competed till I was 17 in many different venues and in Dressage off and on into my thirties. Still, it has been a while and after getting in three one hour trail rides and then immediately driving for 2 hours home my muscles were not impressed!

This is Bandit. I liked all the horses I rode but I think he was my favorite. He was the fastest yet had a nice smooth canter.

The bungee jump was a close second to the horse back riding! I had a blast doing flips! What a great cardio work out. I need one of these in the back yard!

I did not conquer the rock wall but my daughter Rayce sure did! She was so proud that she was able to ring the bell at the top.

There was so much more. Indoor pool and slide, outdoor pool, indoor bouncy houses, bon fires, dancing, a super moon (I will have to add that one later) game shows, archery and shooting range, peddle boats, kayaks, and a mini zoo. There were more activities that we just could not fit in....

This past weekend I got to spend with my boys :-) My husband and my 6 y/o son go BMX bike racing together on the weekends while Rayce and I play at agility. This past weekend was a big three day racing event and RJ did great! He didn't qualify for the main on Friday but that must have lit a fire in him because he came back to win the State qualifier on Sat, then gave me a great Mother's day by winning the Redline Cup race on Sunday! He is only in the 6 y/o novice group but he did awesome! So proud of him!

He is the one in the middle #71.
Look out coming through!! Now that is a man on a mission! This is the Sunday race. Thanks to Rich Megill for the great picture!
Also Rich was gracious enough to give me a photography lesson on Friday and I was finally able to learn how to get off of 'auto' settings!! THEN he let me borrow his really BIG and fancy telephoto lens to take great pictures with. It was so heavy I had to use the mono pod with it but what fun fun fun! Again I will have to add those at a later date, as I have not had time to even look at them yet.

Wow what a busy month already and it is only half over. Next weekend is more BMX and a birthday party and hopefully get some of my house clean! Then we are off camping for Memorial Day weekend.

Oh, and I have moved on to the next book in my piano lessons. They are getting harder. I am now finally attempting to have my two hands doing something different at the same time! Not easy reading two lines of music at the same time AND remember what the all the notes are...but it sure is fun when it starts to sound like something! My teacher always does a piece of popular music over the summer and gets rid of our books, so I have been informed. I have set the lofty goal of trying to learn a song by Adele. I'll keep you posted on how that goes!

And of course there is agility training, training, training. I'm loving how our practice is coming along. He is so much more focused during training than he is during trials so I am finally able to work on my mediocre handling skills. I feel like we are finally starting to have that 'break through' and I am working hard at being able to better analyze a course with actual rationals for my handling choices vs. it feels right. There has also been alot of discussion lately on the agility papillon email list about focus in paps. It seems the consensus is that they are late bloomers. They don't start to 'turn on' and get great focus until 2.5- 3 years old. It is a theory anyway. One that gives me hope that we will be able to move the brilliance I see in practice to the agility field!

Have a blessed week all!

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