April 26, 2012

Moving On.............

Loving that song, anthem of the week for me. I told you I don't wallow that long. I just worry that I am using this space to vent just a little to much, but that is who I am at this time. I am very very hard on myself but that does allow me to be very introspective and to move forward in change.

I did a drop in on a lesson yesterday with someone I have never trained with. I have know her a long time but never worked with her. I had a great time and learned alot and was sent home with some great homework, which always helps me to feel more productive and proactive. I think I may visit again soon.

I also found this great post that I would like to share with  those of you
 who are interested in learning to be nicer to ourselves. Roots of She and Self Care Practice 

Thanks to Tori Self. She introduced me to The Milagro Girl blog which in turn introduced me to The Roots of She such a wonderful collection of purely female voices bent on helping us to be true to ourselves and to fight the good fight against
 "The Media's" idea of what we should be.

This week was a challenge in my professional life and in my agility life. BUT I had a great paino lesson and reached the end of the first book, yay me, I feel that I took at least one step towards a goal. I was blessed to get to spend time and share with some ladies of faith in my daughter's Girl Scout troop and at the HSA meeting for their christian school. Then this weekend we are off and running again, camping with friends at Otter Lake.

Hoping you all are well and have great agility weekends! See you on the other side!

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