April 24, 2012

I sat in the bathtub and ate egg drop soup......

I soaked and ate and listened to Mozart. I tried to relax and objectively analyze the weekend. I should be happy we double Q'd on sat. Our first ever (even though it doesn't count yet.)
And I was......till Sunday.
Then I watched the video.....in the tub to Mozart.
Then I sat watching steam gently curl around and away from me just listening to the music. Trying to focus on the piano only. I closed my eyes and focused on the piano. I visualized actually trying to play it.

Finally, all was quiet and I could start to listen for that authentic voice that I want to hear from. Then I asked the questions, but are they the right questions. Which voice are those questions for?

I struggle to adjust my thinking as I struggle to adjust running a faster dog. Old habits are very hard to break....

I stare at the reflections of the water on the ceiling,
watch the steam lift, feel the sweat rolling down my cheeks. If I can focus enough to be aware of all of this, I can be aware of all I need on the agility course. I already know I can learn new things. I just have to focus better, work harder. Hehe here comes that plan.....

Ok the weekend wasn't that bad you can see for yourself below. It was just that I realized that the Q's were on the 85 degree day and Surf was slower but steady. To his credit his focus was improved but when the temp dropped to 50 and rainy, he was much faster. Still focused for the first run and it was a mess. Handler was a mess. Next run, back to slow and unfocused. Very frustrating the inconsistency. How am I supposed to improve when I don't know which dog I will have? Wrong voice again hold on while I work it out......


  1. I feel your pain. I also have a dog that is inconsistent. He is almost 8 now and taught me so much. He taught me that ego is the devil. Humility is the path to fun. No room for frustration (he would leave the ring if he felt I was frustrated with him). I learned to run with no expectations. To do my best and listen to him. He generally told me who was running the with the first jump and I had to learn to adjust my handling. He also hated to turn tight or rear cross. He prefers if I am running ahead and he can chase me. These are all things I had to learn about him. Now I have Fin. Life is pretty good. I still trial with Tazz, but only on shows where I know it will be cool. Agility is a fun sport. Enjoy. I thought your runs were pretty good. Keep up the great work. We will all get there in the end :)

  2. Thank you so much Vici for your words of wisdom! I love "ego is the devil" so very true and I am trying hard to not just listen but to adjust to what he is telling me instead of plowing forward with the plan. Thanks again!