April 26, 2012

Moving On.............

Loving that song, anthem of the week for me. I told you I don't wallow that long. I just worry that I am using this space to vent just a little to much, but that is who I am at this time. I am very very hard on myself but that does allow me to be very introspective and to move forward in change.

I did a drop in on a lesson yesterday with someone I have never trained with. I have know her a long time but never worked with her. I had a great time and learned alot and was sent home with some great homework, which always helps me to feel more productive and proactive. I think I may visit again soon.

I also found this great post that I would like to share with  those of you

April 24, 2012

I sat in the bathtub and ate egg drop soup......

I soaked and ate and listened to Mozart. I tried to relax and objectively analyze the weekend. I should be happy we double Q'd on sat. Our first ever (even though it doesn't count yet.)
And I was......till Sunday.
Then I watched the video.....in the tub to Mozart.
Then I sat watching steam gently curl around and away from me just listening to the music. Trying to focus on the piano only. I closed my eyes and focused on the piano. I visualized actually trying to play it.

Finally, all was quiet and I could start to listen for that authentic voice that I want to hear from. Then I asked the questions, but are they the right questions. Which voice are those questions for?

I struggle to adjust my thinking as I struggle to adjust running a faster dog. Old habits are very hard to break....

I stare at the reflections of the water on the ceiling,

April 18, 2012


I’m sorry…I feel like I have neglected my little slice of space here.
Between my spring break vacation with my family and my all consuming trip to Panem, I have neglected those of you willing to stop by just to visit with me.
First, our trip to Cherry Stone Campground on the Chesapeake Bay, VA
IMG_0360IMG_0366IMG_0370IMG_0384IMG_0400IMG_0402IMG_0404My two with cousin Emily.
We had a large family gathering with my husband’s Virginia cousins coming up to meet us. It was our family, his younger brother and his family in their camper, his parents in their camper with an aunt and uncle bunking with them, and his cousin Elizabeth with her family. It had been way to long since we have all been together. The weather turned on Wed to cold and windy but there was a lot of fun and laughter still to be had!
IMG_0488Our first attempt at the timer!IMG_0489IMG_0491IMG_0499IMG_0514IMG_0523
Beautiful sunset every night!
I finally got to have some real fun with my camera and I had such a great time laughing and sharing and just loving being with family!
I picked up a book on a whim for the trip down. I had no initial interest in the book, never even heard of it before the movie came out but it was on sale and I had heard everyone rave about it so thought what the heck. I haven’t read a book in less than 24 hours in a very long time. I started it on the long drive to VA but kept getting interrupted.  It was finished by Tuesday night and I was itching to read the next book, but no internet connection at the campground. My sister-in-law was reading the second book but she was only half way through it. I kept coveting it, trying to will her to read faster so I could borrow it!! No luck, so I waited till Saturday to down load the second book to my ipad. I finished that book by Monday and just finished the third book today. I think I would have finished it sooner but I had to sleep and go to work Smile which was very frustrating! I can’t say they were the best books I’ve ever read but I just couldn’t imagine what was going to happen next to Katniss and I just needed to find out as quickly as possible. I still think she was a little dense when it came to relationships, which made me start making grumbling noises towards the end of the first book. My husband kept laughing at me.  I have to admit I was very surprised at how quickly I was pulled into the Hunger Games Trilogy and am actually curious to see the movie.
Well back to the real world again, I feel like I am waking up from a long sleep in a land that now invades my dreams. Also back to agility, YAY! AKC trial outside this weekend but it is supposed to rain, fingers crossed it will hold off. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and that all is well with you.

April 6, 2012

Hope 'Springs' eternal.......

Well I survived two consecutive weekends of agility. Well not exactly, I didn't 'survive' them, I thoroughly enjoyed them! One weekend was spent indoors at Dream Park and we finally got the monkey off our back! Our final Q we needed for our Open FAST title, we now are in Excellent in everything. Well, would be if I moved us up :-) I really don't think we are ready to move to Excellent in FAST. The Q felt like a fluke, in fact, I was so shocked that he got the send bonus I temporarily forgot where we were and what the plan was! I was to busy partying with him for doing such a good job! I quickly recalled myself and headed to the corner with the most points I could remember and then promptly told him "come on we gotta get out of here!!!" We still managed to hit all the important stuff and finish under time! Wow, I was so amazed! Of, course it is the one run I didn't tape... I truly thought we would never, ever get the send.