March 23, 2012

Throw your soul through every open door…with video!

Throw your soul through every open door,
count your blessing to find what you look for.
Turn your sorrow into blessed gold,

Adelle: Rolling in the Deep

So this week has been all about learning. I have delved into learning more about myself and trying to listen more to my authentic self. Yes, I have that little voice inside my head but it can be insecure, worried, and some times down right mean. I know there is a more authentic voice that needs to come from my heart instead. So I was in the library and stumbled upon this book, “Stop saying, I’m Fine.” (I fell from a horse once and spent half an hour saying repeatedly, “I’m ok” and don’t remember any of it. (explains a lot Winking smile))  So I thought it would be a good place to start.

Then Surf and I worked the last three weeks on
learning our timing and handling cues. We re-worked our teeter for distance and confidence and then our weaves. Both obstacles have improved greatly. We went to a Friday Night Lights double box class at our club and he was FABULOUS!

I then worked on learning Windows Movie Maker. So you get the pleasure of watching the runs from the last two weekends I showed. The first one I’ve covered and had posted with other music but I forgot and re-worked it with better effects I think and I really like the song I picked for it. It is my new agility anthem! The second video is covered in more depth with the post It was the best of times the worst of times.

Did I mention I also started learning to play piano? hehe like I was bored or something…

Enjoy! Showing this weekend so will catch up with you soon!
SOJAC Feb 4-5 Agility meltdown weekend!
Bayshore Feb 18-19 much better!

you tube is giving the second video a hard time. Will try to change to Vimeo. Telling me that I copyrighted material from the European football league! WTF No idea what they are talking about......

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  1. It's so hard to be authentic and I find a lot of people dont like that sort of rocking the boat but oh we'll :-). Good for you. Wow learning the piano is cool! I couldn't see the videos on the iPad but I am looking forward to watching them when I get the "real" computer back on haha.