March 12, 2012

A little quiet time.......and a first of the season

Sorry I haven't gotten on the computer in a while. The house computer was finally fixed but we decided that the desktop would be for the kids and my husbands business only, since it is six years old (even with a new hard drive). So I just ordered a laptop for myself. Not the MAC that I wanted (like trying to afford a Mercedes) but another Dell. I have only had Dell's and they have always lasted. The desktop is the first one that died on me. I looked at the Toshiba but the reviews were horrible. Got a great deal through Costco (team small dog says: that I will be taken over by the robots anyway since I live so close to one ;-)  Now I am waiting for it to arrive.

Meantime, I only have a few pictures to show you of our first kayak paddle of the season. It was almost 70 degrees out on Thursday, so my hubby and I played hookie, sent the kids off to school and went for a paddle just the two of us (oh and surf lol).

Point man and barker of turtles!

That's Rich in the tandem.
 I did get a quick shot of a big doe that we suprised along the bank comming around a bend. Lots of other pictures and a few turtles. I missed a great shot of an Egret. I was trying but it was to windy while crossing the pond. It was much easier back in the river section. I will get the pictures up as soon as the new computer arrives!

Had to work on Sat, then spent Sunday cleaning the upstairs. It is so rewarding walking into a room and seeing clean floors and freshly made beds. Of course, you notice not a lot of mention about agility. I am slacking and will pay for it later, I'm sure, but in the meantime we all need a little down time now and then. I was playing around with the idea of trying flyball with Surf. He really really loves his ball, can catch it in mid air about 60% of the time, and I think it might be good cross training for him, get him used to traveling around more and dealing with loud crowds. So far can't find anything less than an hour away from me. So will have to think about it more. Time is an issue. Only so many hours in a week. I did watch Tori Self and Rev at Crufts here and there over the weekend. They are such and amazing team! They made those tough European courses look easy! They were second in jumpers, third in standard, and 5th overall in the international competition (I believe). I also just heard that one of our locals from NJ won the Crufts obediance title! The first American ever! Congrats to Petra Ford and her Lab Tyler!

I got to stop over my trainers to see the new Wind Up (6 week old border collie) babies. They are too cute running around the yard and hiding under the bushes. Their bellies are super round, their legs short, and their paws huge! Makes for great entertainment! I just love puppy breath! Three girls and one boy all under your feet and trying to eat your pant legs or shoe laces. Ahhhh puppies, they just make you laugh. 

Have a great week everyone! Hopefully, a much more media rich blog will be rolling out soon.........

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