March 1, 2012

Craziness and recovery from the bad romance.......again.........

As usual activities around our household have gotten out of control. Today is going to be pure survival mode!
1. @ work 7am
2. pick up kids early for dentist (all three of us check ups)
3. immediately following pick up 110 boxes of girl scout cookies
4. club trainers meeting
5. bail on reg club meeting and drive 45 minutes for lesson
6. home at 10:30 or 11:00pm

I came home from our Florida trip to glad to sleep in my own bed again, just to wake up the next morning crippled. My herniated disk has decided to act up. Off to chiropractor and back on the 'wagon' for my food allergies. Oh, and thank you to who ever was on the plane sick. I got your head cold. With the crazy schedules and all the traveling it is not uncommon for me to take the short path and cheat. I always pay but this time I really did myself in. My body is furious with me and letting me know it loud and clear. It is time for a detox. Hard core watching of

everything I eat for a minimum of 3 weeks. It is not fun for me but I will feel better. Then I get a call from school. RJ bumped heads with a kid in his class. I don't know what the other kid looks like but it looks like he might loose his two front teeth a little earlier than expected. Thank goodness they are baby teeth still.

Well I was doing well until we hit the weekend and I fell off the 'wagon' again. Sure enough the head cold started right back up and I sneezed and almost fell on the floor. Back to sick and crippled. @#%% why can't I just do the right thing? It is that darn bread and chocolate. Both are forbidden, Bad romance all over again!

I could swim in that and be very very happy!

So while in the chiropractor's office I was perusing a book called:

Now, I'm not really trying to avoid antibiotics but I was interested in boosting my immune system since I know it takes such a hit every time I eat something I shouldn't. I came across the following list and it was so interesting that I thought I would share.

A Summary of Things to Do
  1. Practice regular relaxation exercises or meditation
  2. Work at becoming more of an optimist. Optimists have healthier immune systems, suffer from fewer infections and are not as adversely affected by stressful life events.
  3. Guard against cynicism and hostility. Death rates in people who are hostile, cynical or suspicious are four to seven times higher that in people who are not.
  4. Learn to express your feeling and emotions.
  5. Take control. Even if they are out of your control find little things that you can control. A sense of control seems to help our immune systems function more efficiently.
  6. Be willing to ask for and accept support form friends and loved ones.
  7. Find a sense of meaning and purpose in your relationships, work, and daily activities.
  8. Learn to say "no"  (when you need to).
  9. Keep a daily journal of your feelings, especially during important life events. It gives the immune system a boost that can be verified as along as six weeks after the journal keeping has been discontinued.
  10. Learn self relaxation techniques. The have been shown to boost immunity, relieve pain, and improve life in general.
  11. Take life less seriously. "Act as though what we do really matters, but realize that it does not." Dr. Wayne Dyer
  12. If you are depressed, seek help from a professional. Seek our people you trust. Get exercise. 
  13. Laugh as much as you can. Attend funny movies, read funny stories, socialize with funny people and try to see the humorous things in life. 
  14. Become more idealistic. Realists have an accurate view of the world, but are more apt to be depressed. 
  15. When a stressful event strikes, take the extra time to do the above.
  16. Begin to view yourself as healthy. 
  17. Take control of your health. 
 Well what do you think? I can say I have mastered a lot of those, still working on 15 and 17. Things are starting to get better but I'm still detoxing. My toes are still itchy but I am walking up right and my sneezing/stuffiness has slowed down. I just have to make it through this weekend without cheating and two more weeks and I should be back to a normal, happy, well feeling me!

I am armed and ready to survive today with the appropriate foods. If I try and order a slice at the pizza parlor meeting tonight somebody please smack me!!!! Salad, salad, salad, come on say it with me..........

Just a little side note.....So sad to hear about the passing of Davey Jones from the Monkees. I loved watching them when I was growing up! (yes I am old!). In honor is a little video that goes with our theme around here.

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