February 8, 2012

A shot in the arm from an unexpected source........

If you have taken the time to read the about me page then you know that in my other life I am a Speech Therapist by trade. I like my job very much because I like helping people so very much. It is my calling, it is a core drive, it is the little voice in my being, and it makes me feel so very good. I worked in a hospital setting for about 5 years. I loved being in the hospital. Conferring with Dr.s, walking into a room with a family that was in panic and being able to provide information or education and seeing the panic start to recede. Working with the infants in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) and wearing my lab coat and stethoscope. My areas of specialty/ joy is feeding therapy and augmentative communication. There is nothing better than being in an xray room covered in barium or playing with the latest technology to help a person speak. For the last 4 or 5 years I have worked in the public school setting. I like this also since I still get to help kids and their parents, I enjoy my colleagues, and you just can't beat the schedule!! I LOVE summers off!! The decision to change was hard but I wanted to spend more time with my children while they still liked me. I didn't want to miss their growing up working 40 hours a week. I don't get to do feeding therapy but I do still get to do augmentative communication.

This week I received an email from a lady asking if I had worked at a hospital about 5 years ago and did I remember her son? Below is the email she sent me after I responded (with her permission).

I was having breakfast with some friends this morning.  They have known my son since before we began our journey so they are able to appreciate how far he has come.  I have become a bit of a resource for other moms as well, hoping they and their children can benefit from our experiences.

We were talking about our dinner last night.  B had 2 bowls of homemade chili, loaded with celery, green peppers, onions, beans and tomatoes.  This, from the boy that got sick every day at the dinner table.  They asked me how we had come so far these past few years and I spoke of you.  We were remarking how one person can touch so many lives and not even know it.  During your first interaction with B you steered me in the right direction.  You recognized things in him that no one else did.  It was far beyond the speech evaluation that we were there for.  You got him to OT with Julie and then we saw Dr. Aloisio.  To see B today, no one can imagine the road he has travelled.  In turn, I know of at least two other boys who, although late, are now beginning to receive services in 3rd grade.  Had you not come into our lives I would not have been able to help those other parents so in turn those boys would not be making the strides they are making.

So many times we make the time to complain about the things that we are unhappy about.  I just wanted to say thanks.

Wow, who would have thought? After my meltdown this weekend it is a little hard to stay mad at myself. It was so nice that she reached out. It is always great to hear about the kids I have worked with in the past. I ran into another mom while out with one of my classes at the local mall. She also told me how wonderful her son is now doing after having feeding therapy. So great!

One day, I would like to travel around giving talks. I would like to teach more, either agility or speech therapy. One day.......


  1. What a beautiful letter Kelly! Touching knowing that you changed the life of her son and in turn she was able to change the lives of other children. Sometime in the rush of doing treatments etc., I know that many therapists and nurses get discouraged because they cannot take care of their patients they way they wanted to when they first knew they wanted to get into the "helping" profession. This letter is just a huge and wonderful gift letting you remember why you went into this profession and how you are really truly making a difference. I'm so happy for you. Excuse any typos..just sending this out quickly.. I know if I had a child with these difficulties, I'd come to you because YOU CARE!

  2. Thank you Judy for the very kind words.