February 21, 2012

It was the best of times, It was the worst of times......

Things have been really crazy around here. There was the agility meltdown weekend. Then I promptly left the next Friday for Florida and a family reunion with both kids in tow.

It was a great weekend filled with extended family, great food and cold weather for Fla. On our last day it finally warmed up enough to take the kids to see the Gulf of Mexico for the first time. Rayce insisted on bringing home some sand for daddy to feel since he didn't get to go. They insisted on swimming in the pool on Saturday, they lasted 15 minutes before they were blue Popsicles, lol. Silly snow birds. More on this later....

Well, made it home, only to run off for another

weekend of agility. This weekend was much improved. Sat the focus issues continued but not as bad and I made a huge effort to be more proactive in my handling. No Q's but I was still pleased with our effort. Sunday was the best day!! I really thought Surf would be tired and more unfocused but he seemed to get the routine and was so so much better. Only lost focus once all day. Of course, I now had to handle completely differently than I had been. Our NQ's were all my handling errors. I was so ecstatic! FAST was the first run and I went crazy on course when he did the send, HE DID THE SEND!! and he made all the equipment I had planned on under time! I was so happy he was working I thought for sure I heard the judge say "bonus". That was our Open FAST title. Well almost....I apparently stepped on the line.....and you know what, I didn't even care. The agility gods giveth and they taketh away but he was working happy, focused, and pretty fast! I looked at the video but it is hard to tell from the angle it was taken at. Really don't care!!

For standard, again he was working so nicely, and I was trying so hard to work every obstacle, that I almost got lost on course. He saved me and went out to the jump that I was lamely pointing at with my hand (not my body, that was headed at the jump we were not supposed to go to) with the verbal cue of "over, that one, no that one" great cue huh? I was so amazed by him.  Then on a hard right to the weave entry I froze for just a second to long....(I knew it as it was happening) no typical "yes" on entry or movement or anything from me, I was just frozen and he peeled out of the weaves back towards me. Again all my fault, isn't that great! Some great photos of the standard course by Barry Rosen Photography Just look at him fly!

For Jumpers, it was a hard course and he was running so awesome.  I was really worried about the opening, jump to a tunnel that was facing the table full of people. So far he had gone around every tunnel entry to visit at the last show, I made two plans. What I should do and what I would do if he seemed in La la land at the start line. No need for the back up plan! He was brilliant! He slowed before the weaves to bark at the judge but that was the only focus slip he had. We are in the home stretch....(finally a Q in sight) and I pulled to soon for the rear cross and started to pull him off the second to last jump...and bless his dear dear little heart he tried to save it...I saw him right next to the jump try to turn and get over it but I had too much forward momentum that said other wise and we missed it. NQ but it was the happiest NQ I have ever had. We had such a party right at the missed jump, it caused a lot of people to stop and stare :-)
Such a great weekend, filled with hard courses, and many friends to sit and talk strategy or laugh with. I left with such a great feeling of connecting with friends and SO much hope for our future. I am so proud of my boy!

I'm sorry but the video and pictures will not be available for awhile. Yesterday my computers hard drive decided to tell me it was starting to get sick. I went to emergency mode to try and back everything up. It didn't work. So I shut it down and sent it off with my wonderful brother-in-law to see if he could 'clone' it so I don't loose everything. I'm not sure when it will be back from the computer hospital or if it will make it out of intensive care. So, until the hard drive gets replaced (with a possible memory upgrade ;-) my pictures and video will be off line. I can still talk to you from my computer at work (shhh don't tell work) but there will just be boring words on the page.

Wow, quite the month of highs and lows.........

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