February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday to one of my four footed children Rocket. He turned 13 years old today and although not in the best of shape he still manages to boss all the other fur kids around.
MACh Brookfield's Goodnews Rocketman is his official name but around here he is know as Doodle Bug. He can't hear so well anymore (which is really helpful since he barks less) and his Lymes disease keeps him a little stiff in the body but he still likes to play if food is involved. Here he is in his younger days.

Rocket went to a home as a puppy until he was around 2 y/o.
His original family got a divorce and then he bounced around for a while. He was returned to the breeder three times (he is a bit bossy) and was going to be put to sleep, as the last placement he went after the kids. Rocket isn't a bad guy, he just needed a job. He is the smallest dog I know with the biggest prey drive and his theory in life is, "a good offense is the best defense." He turned out to be the perfect Novice A partner for agility. He loved to play and would do anything for food. He got along perfectly with Gidget right from the start and they have never been apart since. They still sleep in the same crate together.
best of friends

 We didn't set the world on fire but I learned so much from him! I had never even taught a dog how to sit before! We attended a Papillon Specialty and did agility in a ballroom, while I was 6 months pregnant! He qualified for three AKC Nationals, sadly we were never able to go, and he is the 8" All Star Agility Champion of 2002. It took us three years showing 2x a month, back when there was an agility 'season', to get our Masters of Agility Championship (MACh). I joke that I was 5 months pregnant when we started the MACh chase and I was 5 mo pregnant when we got it ;-) October of 2005.
Rocket started slowing down progressively during our chase for the championship. He has a few tick borne diseases that have slowed him down and he didn't seem to enjoy it so much. So I retired him after the MACh and a few more double Q's. I then retired also to raise my children. Rocket was very funny with the kids. He is very protective over Rayce and liked them more when they started to free feed him cheerios! lol He learned to hide under the high chair during meal times since more than just food would fall to the floor!

Now he is defender of the house and keeps Surf in line. Thank you Rocket for teaching me so much and being such a wonderful partner.

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