February 10, 2012

Get a Dog...........

The Prophet
By Khalil Gibran

A young woman stepped forward from the throng and asked, "O great prophet, tell us how we might find love that is unconditional, unwavering, and unending?"

The Prophet did not answer right away. He looked off into the distance and gathered his thoughts. Silence descended upon the crowd. Then he turned his gaze upon the young woman and said, "get a dog."

Chuck Lorre is a writer and producer of some sitcoms. Two and a half men, The Big Bang Theory, and others I can't think of.  If you remember, I love my DVR and because of this capability I found a funny little quirk that Chuck likes to add to the end of his shows. I began noticing a flash of white screen at the end of the show, I kept wondering what it was. I finally paused at just the right time, you know what, Mr. Lorre likes to add what he calls a "vanity card" to the end. It is like his own personal blog that flashes by in an instant and you can only read if you can pause it. They are so insightful, thought provoking, and just plain funny. The above card I just had to share. Too true and hysterical!!!! Enjoy!

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