January 15, 2012

Mind numbing cold....and

It was 17 degrees when I got in the car to go shopping for the big game today. I know its January but we have been blessed so far with a mild winter and 17 is not a number I care to see that often. Which led me to thinking about technology. Obviously, I am somewhat of a fan. I am blogging after all. Yet I can't help to think what an impact it has had on society as a whole and my children. Pros and cons on both sides but I was never so grateful for the invention of heated seats and steering wheel! Yes, the steering wheel in my new car is heated! Ahhhh.....
it so made the chore of the grocery store so much bearable.

On another topic (because my brain is still frozen and seems to be skipping) my husband actually took me out on a date Friday night. It has been so long I can't remember the last one. He took me to a restaurant that a friend of ours, that is a chef, recommended. We also have been hearing a lot about it lately. It is on Arnold ave in Point Pleasant called 709. A little trendy with a sushi bar and big screen tvs but the food was absolutely to die for. The menu changes so you will not get the same thing twice and it was so well thought out with a great sense of humor in the writing also. Rich had Coq Au Vin and I had Potato Gnocchi with shrimp, peas and pancetta in a tomato cream sauce. It just kept calling my name telling me to take another bite (no matter how full I was). If you get a chance I highly recommend it.

Today is the Giants vs. Green bay game and we are hosting my brother-in-law and his family. They are avid Giants fans and my husband is an avid Green Bay fan. Should be a fun time as long as things don't get broken :-)

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