January 19, 2012

The Majestic Eagle and its feathered friends

Today is about some of the pictures I have taken. My family and I were kayaking in the Manasquan river last Father's Day and we were privileged to have watched this mighty bird on its hunt. It took him/her three passes to catch this meal
(thank goodness since I had more time to catch it all on film, I mean digital). I consider it one of my more memorable moments and a blessing to behold such power and grace. Here are just a few....(for better viewing click on the picture for a slide show)

Yes, that is a fish in its talons in that last one. Now remember I took these fair and square no stealing....Please. 
Some other kayaking trips....
 I just love my telephoto lens.

This last one is the biggest beaver dam I have seen yet. I hope you enjoyed our little photo show today. I seem to be back on a photography jag again so hang in there, while I get all artistic on you. 

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  1. Eagles are really nice. You have a good eye, except for the big stick in front of the goose. You could to open your f/stop all the way to slow the motion of the water. Also to blur the background to a nicer bokeh. I can see you will need to save up for a better lens...something f/2.8 will do better.. What kind of camera/lens are you using?

    This photography thing is a very expensive hobby;))