January 5, 2012

Is this an omen for 2012?

I've gone down in flames already, well, there are at least sputters and sparks. The positive side (cause I always like to start with the positive) is my ankle isn't broken and I believe because of my years of horse back riding I managed not to fall the entire flight of stairs. (You always need to have a fast exit plan when riding a horse!) I only looked like a bad cartoon drawing with my heels over my head hugging the brick wall and railing for dear life thinking the whole time Do Not fall down these stairs!! The other small blessing, it was not between bells when all of the high school students would get to see me in a not so professional position. 
For now it is only a splint with crutches. A small bump in the journey that will be 2012, though Surf is not impressed with my sudden sedentary position (and it is only day one) I guess I will have to figure out how to train from the couch with said ankle elevated. All of my small dogs are sure the new crutches are definitely something to avoid. Smart dogs... 
Again with the positive....this will allow me some time to do more research on which digital editing software I want to invest in for this year since the Mac computer is on hold for now and I will have more time to post to the new blog!! Sad that I will have to miss teaching agility tonight. I really really like teaching. Hopefully only need a weekend of rest, check up on Monday. 
Maybe I will have time to add some photos for your enjoyment. I'll keep you in suspense :-)  

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  1. So sorry to hear about your accident. I hope your on feet again soon. Good luck with the blog, it's not like you have anything else to do, lol.