January 8, 2012

Carry over

As a speech therapist teaching a student something new is not really all that hard. Figure out what it is exactly that needs to be changed or learned, break it down into smaller pieces with a hierarchy, then used your strategies to teach the behavior providing reward or reinforcement for correct responses. Sound familiar to all you dog trainers out there. The problem that most of us SLP's run into is the performance is optimal during our sessions in our sterile little office (think environment here) but the second they walk out our door the performance goes right out the window. The thing about my students is I can't follow them around all day reminding them to carry over what they have learned. Unlike my dog. I can control how he acts when we are out and about.
Yesterday I went to a new place just to work focus and attention with Surf. I didn't go so well. I tried all my new tricks to get him to focus on me (outside of the house). He wouldn't even take food from me, until we went in and checked it all out first. I have created this.....it is all my own fault. Here it is again carry over back to bite me in the rear end.
I like to check things out when I first arrive also. Makes me feel more organized. Before I would have been so mad at myself and the dog. Now, it keeps me up at night and my husband keep asking me "what are you thinking about?" I'm planning...what is my plan of action going to be? I can fix it or work around it.... It's the perfect time to fix this ;-)

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