January 4, 2012

2012: Join the masses and reach for the stars

Well here it is. I have been reading other blogs for two years now and enjoy it thoroughly. I have learned so much and feel more connected than I do when socializing in person. It's probably because I am forced to be a better listener. So here I am attempting a blog. I am feeling a bigger need to communicate this year. Which is saying a lot since I do that everyday at work, but this is different. It doesn't really matter if anyone is listening, or even if you care about what I say. It will allow me to have the feeling of sharing without the pressure to be a good communication partner. Not to say that I will not take you the reader into consideration, but lets face it you came here voluntarily. If you are not interested in a particular post you have a choice, but I still get to dump all the thoughts that clutter up my brain and suck up valuable resources for other activities. So here I am joining the masses...
2012: No resolutions this year just hopes and plans. Planning on continuing my good eating habits, taking care of that pesky disk in my back so it behaves itself, and trying to find more joy and speed with Surf my papillon while playing at agility. Surf 'came out' in agility in the spring of 2011 for a few shows at the age of 2. It was a slow start but we managed to finish this year in Excellent A. I plan on returning to photography and learning how to edit digitally. I plan on also learning to edit and post video on Youtube and balance family with all of these plans ;-) 
As for the hopes...I'm hoping we will start to come together and qualify for some bigger shows. I 'hope' to try USDAA for the first time this year and I 'hope' I will continue to learn and become a better trainer and I 'hope' my husband will start to support me a little more in my agility addiction. One can always hope! In the mean time I will continue to work towards my performance goals knowing the rest will come in time and that some day I will be able to reach for those agility stars!

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