January 31, 2012

A laugh for today and bribery....

I'm not a big football fan, actually the only sport I like to watch is agility, but I will tolerate race cars and football to a degree before getting bored. I do enjoy the creative ads that go with the Super Bowl though! The only time I like to watch commercials. I usually defeat them all with my best friend the DVR and rarely watch anything in real time any more. In fact, my husband and I both are always confused at first when the fast forward button will not work and we realize we are on 'live tv'. We will then promptly put the TV on pause and leave the room for some other activity and return when we can skip the commercials. An hour long show is only 45 minutes with out commercials, 30 minutes turns to 15 minus all those items for sale that I don't want or need. Ahhh my DVR, best 5$ a month I spend. But I digress........

My dog related email lists have been buzzing with a link

January 27, 2012

Babies, Babies, Babies on the brain....

Baby puppies that is!! No more two footed babies around here and actually there won't be any four footed either for a while but that doesn't stop me from thinking about them :-)

My friend and trainer Cherie Fischer just announced that her border collie Wind Up just had her latest litter. Three girls and one boy. So exciting! I had been giving alot of thought to getting a Top Gun BC (that is the only way you would get me to go over to the dark side and give up my Paps) so when I heard there was another litter on the way Oh No! I want one so much, I think I could do a really great job with a BC, but the timing is terrible. I agonized for a whole week before admitting defeat,

January 23, 2012

Criteria another dirty little word....

I'm sorry in advance...my head is stuffy and it is hard holding onto my thoughts. They work their way through the cotton in my head and crystallize in front of my eyes only to be just as quickly swallowed back up by the cotton....

I am taking an online course with Susan Garrett called Recallers 3.0. This is the second time I have taken the course and I am in panic all over. The course is over and I feel that I haven't spent the right amount of energy on it. I read the posts and comments and watch the wonderful webinars and I realize I have fallen prey

January 19, 2012

The Majestic Eagle and its feathered friends

Today is about some of the pictures I have taken. My family and I were kayaking in the Manasquan river last Father's Day and we were privileged to have watched this mighty bird on its hunt. It took him/her three passes to catch this meal

January 17, 2012

Photos for your enjoyment

Just a few thoughts in pictures....

On one of the few warm days we had a couple of weeks ago I had two special helpers making my agility practicing much easier....

These are my favorite pictures from our first trip to NY city as a family....

 And proof that I did used to ride horses. This is my mom's horse William and I in 2008.

Success and frustration....

Desire is the key to motivation, but it's the determination and commitment
to an unrelenting pursuit of our goal, a commitment to excellence, that
will enable us to attain the success that we seek.

I saw this on a sign in Barnes & Noble yesterday and it really spoke to me. Then I really needed to remember it this morning.
I decided that I needed to teach Surf a new trick to remind him how he learns and how I teach. I chose to teach him to back up when I say "beep beep". Well it's not going so well

January 15, 2012

Mind numbing cold....and

It was 17 degrees when I got in the car to go shopping for the big game today. I know its January but we have been blessed so far with a mild winter and 17 is not a number I care to see that often. Which led me to thinking about technology. Obviously, I am somewhat of a fan. I am blogging after all. Yet I can't help to think what an impact it has had on society as a whole and my children. Pros and cons on both sides but I was never so grateful for the invention of heated seats and steering wheel! Yes, the steering wheel in my new car is heated! Ahhhh.....

January 13, 2012

Embracing Failure and "shtoup"

Shtoup! It is the latest and greatest in creations!!
I was attempting to make homemade chicken soup this week. Easy enough, shouldn't need a recipe!? I've seen this done tons of times on TV (love that food network and cooking channel). What can be so hard?
If any of you know my husband you will know that my way of cooking makes him crazy!! I can follow a recipe, I simply choose not to most of the time. Most of my cooking comes from the beginning of an idea. Some thing I saw or have in the fridge and then I just add to it anything else I think may taste good. Willy nilly rummaging through the cabinets and fridge to find inspiration. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much, sometimes

January 12, 2012

I miss you....

I miss you. Yes, YOU! I miss our time spent together. I miss talking with you. Hearing your thoughts, ideas, worries, plans. I miss exchanging funny stories and laughing with you. I think of you almost every day. I long for the connection we had. The time spent with you was just for pleasure, no other reason, duty, or chore; I really miss that. There is little time left in a day for choosing something just because it is joyful any more. Responsibilities of home, spouse, children, work, and even hobbies have robbed us both of the time  to enjoy each others company. Just us again able to sit and talk uninterrupted or joined by other friends, I imagine that more often than most realize. I live with these little secret thoughts of how it used to be and I miss it. I try to think of ways to change it but every day something happens to suck the ideas away from me or I am unable to follow through on the idea. Just know that you are thought of often and fondly. The memories of our time together are brought out daily and are never allowed to gather dust. We may not connect now but it is still here waiting till a time when it can be brought back out again......

January 10, 2012

Oh, caught in a bad romance.....Want your bad romance.....

I like food to much. Correction I like starches and sugar. Definatly a bad romance scenario. The romance didn't go bad until I turned 30. Well honestly it was getting rocky before that with steady weight gain but I digress. At the age of 30 I was a non-traditional student getting through my last year of grad school. Well almost, there was something wrong but my regular doctors didn't see anything wrong on the blood tests. I gained 10lbs in two weeks and continued to gain another 10lbs the next month. I couldn't get out of bed, I was depressed. Well sure, I had lost my grandmother, was married and trying to go to grad school, commuting an hour and a half 4-5 days per week, etc. I gave myself about a week of not getting out of bed, but my family does not tolerate in action for long so I shook it off and made a plan. (I'm dependent on making plans to keep me sane oh and there are always plan A B C D and so on) I took the semester off, started running in the morning, riding my mothers horse in the afternoon, and going to the gym or running after dinner. I altered what I ate (translation= I stopped eating) ok that should do it...
Nothing, not one 1lb moved. Something is seriously wrong here. Back to the Dr. more blood test, more your crazy and its all in our head. I was also working with the Autistic population in their home. I met an amazing mom that told me about her son and his many many allergies. She gave me the name of a Chiropractor/homeopath/nutritionist. What the heck nothing else is working. What I found out change my life forever and my relationship with food forever. I have an intolerance to wheat. I am not a celiac. I can eat it with out doing major life threatening damage, but if I do eat wheat I pay. I am also sensitive to cow's milk, tomatoes, chocolate, sulfites in wine, and fruit. Oh Joy, as if life wasn't complicated enough.
I want your love, and your revenge.....
You and me could write a bad romance.....
Rah rah ah ah ah

In the last 10 or so years I have managed to create a much better relationship with food, most of the time. The holidays have sent us back into a bad romance. When I used to eat wheat I would break out in a rash on my hands and feet (in retrospect I have had this intolerance since my 20's. I always thought it was posion Ivy). Now, since I usually behave myself, when I eat wheat nothing happens, or does it......I always pay, it sometimes just takes a little while to figure out how. It can attack my immune system and I catch what ever is around, or lately it will cause inflamation and set my herniated disk to acting up. At least I know what to expect. Then two years ago the rash turned up again. It was off and on and took me almost a year to figure out it was chocolate. Ok, so no more chocolate on a regular basis. Just shoot me now! Ok, I can do this.... well yesterday it was back again. Toes are all full of hot spots. What now!! I went over what I ate. I'm back on the wagon so none of the usual culprits. It is a choice of Captain Crunch peanut butter cereal, (I finished off Rayce's bowl so I could put it in the dishwasher) which is usually wheat free. Greek yogurt with pineapples, but this is least likely since I eat this on a regular basis or tuna fish. I had some tuna with mayo and relish scooped up with potatoe chips. Usually all legal foods, but who knows. Hopefully it won't take me a year to figure it out this time.

January 8, 2012

Carry over

As a speech therapist teaching a student something new is not really all that hard. Figure out what it is exactly that needs to be changed or learned, break it down into smaller pieces with a hierarchy, then used your strategies to teach the behavior providing reward or reinforcement for correct responses. Sound familiar to all you dog trainers out there. The problem that most of us SLP's run into is the performance is optimal during our sessions in our sterile little office (think environment here) but the second they walk out our door the performance goes right out the window. The thing about my students is I can't follow them around all day reminding them to carry over what they have learned. Unlike my dog. I can control how he acts when we are out and about.
Yesterday I went to a new place just to work focus and attention with Surf. I didn't go so well. I tried all my new tricks to get him to focus on me (outside of the house). He wouldn't even take food from me, until we went in and checked it all out first. I have created this.....it is all my own fault. Here it is again carry over back to bite me in the rear end.
I like to check things out when I first arrive also. Makes me feel more organized. Before I would have been so mad at myself and the dog. Now, it keeps me up at night and my husband keep asking me "what are you thinking about?" I'm planning...what is my plan of action going to be? I can fix it or work around it.... It's the perfect time to fix this ;-)

January 5, 2012

Is this an omen for 2012?

I've gone down in flames already, well, there are at least sputters and sparks. The positive side (cause I always like to start with the positive) is my ankle isn't broken and I believe because of my years of horse back riding I managed not to fall the entire flight of stairs. (You always need to have a fast exit plan when riding a horse!) I only looked like a bad cartoon drawing with my heels over my head hugging the brick wall and railing for dear life thinking the whole time Do Not fall down these stairs!! The other small blessing, it was not between bells when all of the high school students would get to see me in a not so professional position. 
For now it is only a splint with crutches. A small bump in the journey that will be 2012, though Surf is not impressed with my sudden sedentary position (and it is only day one) I guess I will have to figure out how to train from the couch with said ankle elevated. All of my small dogs are sure the new crutches are definitely something to avoid. Smart dogs... 
Again with the positive....this will allow me some time to do more research on which digital editing software I want to invest in for this year since the Mac computer is on hold for now and I will have more time to post to the new blog!! Sad that I will have to miss teaching agility tonight. I really really like teaching. Hopefully only need a weekend of rest, check up on Monday. 
Maybe I will have time to add some photos for your enjoyment. I'll keep you in suspense :-)  

January 4, 2012

2012: Join the masses and reach for the stars

Well here it is. I have been reading other blogs for two years now and enjoy it thoroughly. I have learned so much and feel more connected than I do when socializing in person. It's probably because I am forced to be a better listener. So here I am attempting a blog. I am feeling a bigger need to communicate this year. Which is saying a lot since I do that everyday at work, but this is different. It doesn't really matter if anyone is listening, or even if you care about what I say. It will allow me to have the feeling of sharing without the pressure to be a good communication partner. Not to say that I will not take you the reader into consideration, but lets face it you came here voluntarily. If you are not interested in a particular post you have a choice, but I still get to dump all the thoughts that clutter up my brain and suck up valuable resources for other activities. So here I am joining the masses...
2012: No resolutions this year just hopes and plans. Planning on continuing my good eating habits, taking care of that pesky disk in my back so it behaves itself, and trying to find more joy and speed with Surf my papillon while playing at agility. Surf 'came out' in agility in the spring of 2011 for a few shows at the age of 2. It was a slow start but we managed to finish this year in Excellent A. I plan on returning to photography and learning how to edit digitally. I plan on also learning to edit and post video on Youtube and balance family with all of these plans ;-) 
As for the hopes...I'm hoping we will start to come together and qualify for some bigger shows. I 'hope' to try USDAA for the first time this year and I 'hope' I will continue to learn and become a better trainer and I 'hope' my husband will start to support me a little more in my agility addiction. One can always hope! In the mean time I will continue to work towards my performance goals knowing the rest will come in time and that some day I will be able to reach for those agility stars!